Dinner Menu

Appetizers & Salads

Fried Ravioli

Fried ravioli stuffed w/beef and pork, served w/side of our marinara sauce.
$ 8.25

Salsiccia Peperoni

Char-grilled Italian sausage w/white wine, garlic, mushrooms & roasted bell pepper sauce.
$ 8.75

Portobello Griglia

Grilled portobello mushroom w/garlic, fresh spinach & white wine sauce.
$ 8.75

Bruchetta Romana

Italian country bread toasted and topped w/chopped tomato, garlic, basil and olive oil.
$ 6.25

Scampi Italia

Shrimp w/white wine, mushrooms, artichokes, garlic and asparagus.
$ 10.00
Calamari Fritti - Tiramisu - Quincy, IL

Calamari Fritti

Rhode Island calamari fried and served w/side of our famous marinara sauce.
$ 11.75

Cozze Marinara

Prince Edward Island mussels sautéed with our famous marinara sauce.
$ 10.00
Meatballs Pomodora - Tiramisu - Quincy, IL

Meatballs Pomodoro

Four meatballs of pork and beef w/our fresh tomato sauce.
$ 8.75

Sautéed Spinach

Sautéed in garlic and extra virgin olive oil. As a side $2.00.
$ 4.50

House Salad

(served with dinner)
$ 3.25
Caesar Salad - Tiramisu - Quincy, IL

Insalata di Cesare

Our version of the famous Caesar salad. (add grilled chicken 3, shrimp 5 or grilled salmon 8).
$ 9.00

Soup of the Day

Home made soup, ask your server. Cup $4.50. Bowl $6.50.
$ 6.50


Pizza Margherita

Mozzarella and fresh basil.
$ 11.00

Pizza Arugula

Mozzarella and fresh arugula.
$ 12.00

Pizza Vegetariana

Mozzarella, mushrooms, roasted peppers and artichokes.
$ 12.00
Pizza Soprano - Tiramisu - Quincy, IL

Pizza Soprano

Mozzarella, meatballs and Italian sausage.
$ 12.00

Pizza Tiramisu'

Mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, olives and artichokes.
$ 12.00

Pizza Four Cheeses

Mozzarella, blue cheese, swiss and cream cheese
$ 12.00

Pizza (Any Two Items)

Sausage, pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, spinach, onions, ham, artichokes (.75 per items)
$ 12.00


Pizzas are individual 9 inch thin crust. They make great appetizers!


Rigatoni Mozzarella - Tiramisu - Quincy, IL

Rigatoni Mozzarella

Tube pasta w/our tomato sauce, basil and topped w/ fresh mozzarella.
$ 15.75
Fettuccine Alfredo w/ Chicken Tiramisu - Quincy, IL

Fettuccine Alfredo

Our version of the original from Alfredo in Rome. (add grilled chicken $4.50 or shrimp $5.50).
$ 15.75

Ravioli Salsa Rosa

Portobello mushroom ravioli w/ our famous "pink" sause.
$ 17.75


Homemade meat lasagna, with peas, topped with our four cheese sauce & a touch of tomato
$ 16.75
Tortellini Panna - Tiramisu - Quincy, IL

Tortellini Panna

Cheese tortellini w/ cream sauce, ham, mushrooms and peas.
$ 16.75

Liguine Verde Paesana

Homemade spinach pasta w/crushed Italian Sausage, mushrooms in a creamy tomato sauce.
$ 16.75

Spaghetti Abruzzo

With our tomato sauce and Italian sausage.
$ 15.75
Rolli - Tiramisu - Quincy, IL


Homemade pasta stuffed w/ spinach, ham and ricotta, in a four-cheese sauce and touch of tomato.
$ 16.75

Gluten Free Pasta add $4

Add Meatballs to any pasta $4.25


Saliccia Griglia - Tiramisu - Quincy, IL

Salciccia Griglia

Char-grilled Italian sausage, with white wine, garlic, mushrooms and roasted bell pepper sauce, served w/ side of pasta.
$ 19.50
Pollo Parmesan w/ Spaghetti - Tiramisu - Quincy, IL

Pollo Parmigiana

Chicken parmigiana w/ side of pasta.
$ 19.50

Pollo Marsala

Chicken breast sauteed w/ Marsala wine sauce and mushrooms, served with side of pasta.
$ 19.50

Pork Chop Vesuvio

12oz. pan roasted frenched pork chop w/garlic, white wine, lemon and rosemary sauce. served with side of broccoli and potato.
$ 20.75

Filet Mignon

7oz. top choice grilled mignon topped with brandy ceream sause, garlic & green peppercorns, served with side broccoli and potato.
$ 36.00

Guazzetto di Pesce

Roman style seafood stew w/shrimp, scallops, calamari & mussels in a tomato brodetto w/garlic & parsley.
$ 24.00

Scampi Capesante

Shrimp and fresh sea scallops, pan roasted w/ white wine, garlic, mushrooms, asparagus & artichoke served over pasta.
$ 24.00

Fish of the Day

Today's fresh fish, check with your server.
$ M.P.

Menu items and pricing are subject to change.

$3 Split Dinner Charge

$20 Corkage Fee

$15 Cake Fee

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